Welcome to Pepe Frog MC! At PFMC we aim to provide as much entertainment to you on our Minecraft server. PFMC is not exactly a big server compared to many others however with a great team and we believe we have some of the most innovative ideas in the Minecraft community. This includes various different games and unique builds. We aim to explore the possibilities provided by Minecraft and other supporting applications to introduce the enjoyment and experience you will find at PFMC. 


PFMC is an up and coming Minecraft server whose interest is mainly in providing mini games. However at PFMC we love to keep in touch with our users and their requests regularly, ensuring our players get an equal and enjoyable opportunity to play. This includes improving your experience as a player; improving and correcting any mistakes in builds and glitches; building upon our server using your opinions to help understand what you truly like and build relationships with you! Also by playing on the server, you help raise money for our chosen charity Hope and Play who help thousands of children in refugee camps, under occupation and in war zones.


PFMC is a community that offers new and interesting experiences to play with friends and family. We are a constantly changing network that is built for players to enjoy our potential and skill. With a wide range games, unique only at PFMC, we have paid attention to every little detail in our programs and builds to maximise ones experience.


PFMC is a completely safe server as it is equipped with anti-cheats to ensure further fair gaming experience for all. Our servers chat system is also carefully looked at to insure that the basic guidelines are followed. This includes the following:

  • No swearing
  • No racial slurs

These guidelines are used to ensure that none of the above occur, we would like to keep this server as family friendly as possible. Hence, chat guidelines will regularly be updated. Staff have also been instructed to ban/kick players who may be seen to cyberbully any particular individual. We want to be able provide our enjoyable experience without any players ruining that for another.

Additionally, any hackers or cheaters who attempt to use any hacks or glitches to gain an advantage over other players will be banned and restricted for a certain time period or may not be permitted to enter the server at all. This depends on how severe the situation is. Staff have been warned to keep a constant watch over players who may disobey these rules.